Piles Capacity
Geotechnical Design Tool for Cast-in-Place Bored Piles

Piles Capacity has a modern design which priorities speed and simplicity.

Up-to-date estimation engine documented in a brief and straight-forward online reference manual.

Featuring a unique soil profile builder, Touch Soil™. Visually build required soil profile with the ease and convenience like never before.

Works with either Metric (mm, metres, ton, kN, kPa) or Imperial (inch, feet, psi, psf, kips) unit systems.

Graphs depth vs. friction, tip and allowable bearing capacities with optional correction of tip resistance with respect to underlying strata.

Prepares detailed report for bearing values of each layer with average effective stress, skin friction and tip resistance at top and bottom of layer.

Uses advanced soil parameters for more precise estimation such SPT, cohesion increment with depth, diameter reduction in rock as well as partial safety factors for skin friction and tip resistance.